Since Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee confirmed that they are going separate ways,there are skeletons that have been coming out of the closet.

There were claims that black fathered 2 children who are of the same age with different mothers.

One YouTuber by the name Ndivhu T says she received an email from one lady who identifies as Black Coffee Baby Mama saying she is ready to tell it all. This is the same lady who posted screenshots of her and Black Coffee’s conversation on instagram. Her Instagram name was Mimi Buthelezi.

Apparently Black Coffee visited her after the Music is King event and he brought with him clothes worth over R7000 for the child. Basically the lady wanted yo set things straight regarding the fact that she was after Money .


Mimi confirmed that she has 3 degrees and yet she is 26 and also she is graduating Next year to work in mining. Her child is 3years old and her and Nathi have been talking since 2012.

However regardless of knowing each other from 2012, these two never dated but they did have a sexual relationship and apparently it seems like Black Coffee also like to have a third person during the act.

The only person from the screen shots who says leave Nathis is DJ Tira so it seems DJ tira knew about them from way back when they were all still in Durban. It seems like Black Coffee also did a DNA test to prove whether Mimi’s child was his or not and it came positive that he is the father of her child.

Mimi says she received an Email from Black Coffee’s lawyers saying that they will come to pays the damages for the 3year old baby. After the Music is King event is seems like Black Coffee visited Mimi clothes for his daughter which were worth over R7000.

Mimi also showed Ndivhu T a screenshot of R1 million that was transferred into her account by Black Coffee to buy her silence.

It seems like there is a lot to this Hlack Coffee story and skeletons are coming g out of the closet every week.

She was given given 1 million to shut up