Dj Tira’s wife and socialite Gugu Khathi was involved in a nasty fight with her neighbour, it is said that the fight got really violent and left both parties really injured

Khathi and her 50 year old neighbour got into a physical fight and they both opened a case against one another. The fight started on Friday night at Willowbrook Estate where both families reside.

Benjamin who is Cindy O’Neil’s husband said he was on the roof putting up Christmas decorations, Gugu and her son drove past their house at a very high speed, he said Gugu arrived at their home and said this is your last warning. Not knowing what that was all about Benjamin and Cindy were shocked and told Gugu to leave their house.

Gugu stepped back and tripped over a bicycle, they tried to help her get up but she refused and Benjamin went back to putting up Christmas decorations. Apparently Gugu got up after being helped up and she punched O’Neil in the face. Gugu denied the claims.


” They attacked my son Junior and then turned around and attacked me, junior’s little brother came rushing and told me, come see what those people did, I rushed to their house and asked what my son did to deserve this and they looked at me with an attitude, the woman (Cindy) came at me and pushed me so hard from the garage into the street where the bicycle was, I landed on it, I literally can’t walk right now”- Gugu

Gugu confirmed that she punched Cindy and went on to say she was speaking on behalf of junior. She went on to say
“I was trying to show her that I was injured but she kept on dragging my foot, she wouldn’t let go, as soon as I could kneel I punched her so she could get off me”

According to Benjamin, it was not the first time that Gugu had a violent outburst, they had a nasty exchange of words when Gugu had a birthday party in January and he called the police because of all the noise after 11pm. He claimed that police had to hold her back from attacking him physically on the day.

The neighbour went on to express that he always fears for the lives of 3 grandchildren that he stays with because these people do not see the wrongs in their ways, they don’t understand that one cannot speed and drive recklessly when they are kids around.

Gugu said that her neighbours call them criminals because they are always changing cars and they even harass her kids outside the estate and because she and her husband are not always around, she fears for the safety of her kids. However Benjamin said that Gugu is using her celebrity status to her advantage.