Kagiso Seysete, the partner of assassinated DJ Sumbody, has revealed that he fled South Africa for Dubai because he was being threatened by a Cape Town Gang Boss.

Kagiso, who co-owned Ayepyep night club, said he was introduced to the gang boss by DJ Sumbody as someone who can provide security for their Ayepyep branch in Cape Town.

The Gang Boss later brought a security company that he said would provide security at the club.

Kagiso said they paid the gang Boss’s wife and security company over R500 000 a month.


The gang boss later demanded free shares in the business.

In April, the gang boss ‘s wife instructed security to replace all bank speed points from Ayepyep Cape Town and replaced them with her cousin’ s speed points.

This prompted Kagiso to approach the Cape Town High court to get the speed points returned and return of the funds.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday World Newspaper – 28 May 2023.