DJ Zinhle ‘s boyfriend is in trouble after his former boss, Moses Nkia Mokgoko, opened a case of housebreaking and theft against him at the Olivienhoutbosch police station on Thursday.

Sunday World reports that Murdah has broken into theĀ  Centurion house, twice, since he moved out to stay with DJ Zinhle.

On the two occasions, Murdha is accused by Mokgoko of stealing various items including studio monitors, a TV, hard drives and mixing deck.

On the first occasion, Mokgoko forgave Murdah after he went into the studio and deleted songs that other band members, Smol and Problem child had recorded.


Mokgoko told the newspaper that he sat down with Murdah after the incident and they agreed not to open a police case.

However, the last incident appears to have been the last straw and Mokgoko is now fed up with Murdha ‘s antics.

Murdha appears to have been unhappy after Mokgoko replaced him with Problem Child in the band when Murdha announced that he was launching his own solo career.

In response, Murdha told the newspaper that it’s not possible for him to break into the house as he also owns it.

The house is used by Black Motion as a studio and an office and was bought by the group together.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday World Newspaper – 18 December 2022.