Daily Sun reported that three men have been arrested in connection with the murder of Godrich Gardee’s daughter Hillary Gardee.

Hillary Gardee, a 28 year old student was found dead on Tuesday last week in a tree plantation outside Mbombela. She had a gun wound on the back of her head.

Now her boyfriend Muxe Zitha is now fighting back and suing the cops after he was wrongfully arrested and tortured by the police.

He told the publication that he was helping the police in searching for Gardee only to be assaulted and tortured by the same police whom he was helping.


Muxe added that the police handcuffed him before dropping him off at the Nelspruit cop shop. His gadgets had been confiscated.

This is where the police bashed him, forcing him to reveal Hillary Gardee’s location. They continued the torture and asked him about the R1000 withdrawal from Hillary’s bank account.

The 28 year old graphic designer also mentioned that he suffered internal injuries and has lost trust in police services.

Please read the full story in today’s Daily Sun- Tuesday 10 May 2022.