The Siko twins, Owami and Olwethu,  who were married one man, TV Director, Mzukiseni Mazizi, have revealed that he abused them and almost killed them in a fit of rage.

The twins, who are now living on their own with their daughters, after Mazisi threw them out two years ago,  told the Sowetan newspaper that they found out that Mazizi was married to another woman and had 12 other children.

One day, Mazizi poured petrol around the house and we were only saved because he could not find a match to light us up.

Mazizi told the newspaper that the Siko twins are out to tarnish his image and have been denying him access to see his two 10 year old daughters that he fathered with each of them.

The Siko twins will be appearing in a new shop,  Twice as bold, where they will be attempting to find another man to marry both of them.


Please watch the video of Owami and Olwethu when below, which was made when they married Mazizi 11 years ago

The Siko twins have been open about their marriage to Mazizi, revealing that they did everything together and slept in the same bed with him together before the relationship  soured.