Mystery sorrounds the death of flamboyant gangster and security company owner, Arnold Mudau who died on 5 February 2022 in Venda.

Mudau became popular after he was photographed with popular celebrity, Somizi at his huge mansion.

According to Media reports, Mudau was involved in a car accident on the night of 4 February 2022. Other reports indicate that police did not see the car in which Mudau died.



Mudau was well known for running a gang called Jerusalem guys or Tshisole atshi thabi.

He was well known for wearing camouflage clothing wherever he went.

His house and most of his belongings were also camouflage.

Mudau ‘s camouflage house


Mudau ran multiple businesses in Venda such as security, loan sharks and guarding local businesses.

Jerusalem was known as the most popular clubs in Venda, which was located near his home in  Tshakuma.


Mystery and speculation sorrounds Mudau’s death, with some reports indicating that the Limpopo department of transport did not see his car after the fatal accident.

It is reported that by the time the police arrived, his car and body had already been removed.

Business Partner

Mudau ‘s business partner, Nale Munyai, was assassinated in 2021.


Mudau ‘s funeral was held on 12 March 2022 under heavy police guard. A helicopter hovered overhead, while guns were fired as a form of salute.

Mudau was buried at a local cemetery in his village of Tshakuma. The busy R524 road was closed as fans and friends blocked the road.

He coffin was ferried in a camoflouge trailer.

Arnold Mudau funeral

After tears 

Popular musician, Makhadzi, performed at Mudau ‘s after tears party from the balcony of his house.

People around Venda were so afraid of the Jerusalem Boys  that they did not dare to post about his death on social media.

Lion of Judah

Mudau was buried with a special statue of a lion on his tombstone, as he used to call himself the Lion if Judah.

Mudau’s wife appeared at thw funeral dressed in full camouflage.