ENCA News reported that Flavio Hlabangwane who is accused of murdering his girlfriend and stashing her body parts in a freezer is appearing today in the Protea Magistrate’s Court.

The 26 year old from Soweto has been charged with murder in a case that has shocked the whole country. The body parts were discovered at Hlabangwane’s home leading to his arrest.

The discovery was made by his current girlfriend and at the time of the discovery the skull of the victim was not with the body parts found in the fridge.

Police then located what they believed to be the skull of these particular body parts a few days later.


During his last appearance Hlabangwane’s lawyers said they will be making an appeal to apply for a psychiatric evaluation after he tried to take his own life on two different occasions.

His first attempt was during his arrest after the discovery of the body parts at his home in Soweto. His second attempt was when he was in prison.

Hlabangwane’s lawyers are expected today to ask for the accused to be evaluated at a state institution and also to find out if he is fit to stand trial.