Dj Zinhle finally breaks the news to her house manager Zama whom she thinks is the ultimate control of the house in all aspects.

Dj Zinhle was convinced that Zama had noticed that she is pregnant but she did not say a word.

Zama was very cautious about the food she was serving to DJ Zinhle and the temperature of the drinks and so forth. All this was aired on Zinhle’s reality show, DJ Zinhle: Unexpected.

Even her driver Dumisani would not say a word about Zinhle’s pregnancy since she was always moody and so hard on him because of hormones.


She surprised many of her fans by showing how concerned she was for Zama’s feelings regarding getting another female helper around the house since there is Kairo who is demanding and the house aswell.

It was hard for Zinhle to talk to Zama about bringing another helper and this shows the strong relationship they share.

Zama was not bothered at all as she felt like she needs to focus her everything on Asante, the new born so the other one will look at Kairo and the house chores.