Flamboyant Businessman, Hamilton Ndlovu, is reported to have spent R172 Million that he was paid , through front companies, to buy properties, luxury sports cars, clothes and investments.

Ndlovu was paid the money from the National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS) through front companies and went viral after he posted himself taking delivery of over 5 luxury sports SUVs.

NHLS CEO, Kamy Chetty revealed the front companies that were used by Ndlovu in a secret report and named them as follows:

Hamilton Holdings – R5 Million


Mok Plus One – R8. 9 Million

Abomphetha – R8. 7 Million

Bugatti Security Services – R7.8 Million

Bugatti Security Services – R7. 8 Million

Bugatti Security Services – R9.9 Million

Bugatti Security Services – R12.3 Million

Bugatti Security Services – R12. Million

Feliham – 14.4 Million

Kgodumo Mokone Trading – R8 Million

Kgodumo Mokone Trading – R8.5 Million

Kgodumo Mokone Trading – R9.2 Million

Kgodumo Mokone Trading – R9.8 Million

Persto – R 2 Millions

Persto – R13 Million

Joritans Logistics- R6.9 Million

Last week,  the Hawks arrested NHLS CFO Michael Sass (57) and Felicia Sekete (32) a director at Felihan.