Musical artist Nota Baloyi accused DJ Black Coffee of wanting him dead. Baloyi, who is Kwesta’s former manager thinks Black Coffee is trying to kill him.

When Everything SA Music asked him how he was doing he replied saying, “spent the day in a holding cell after being assaulted by the cops then got this in my e-mail. I can put two and two together!.

‘This’, he was referring to a cease and desist letter from Black Coffee’s lawyers. Prior to his arrest Nota posted on his Instagram what Black Coffee called defamatory remarks.

He was then assaulted by the cops who then took his phone and arrested him. He was charged with reckless driving and assaulting a police officer.


After his arrest he was served the cease and desist. Nota was sure that the police were sent after him by men with whom he had beef with.  He suspected that it was Dj Black Coffee because of the cease and desist.

Nota then publicly apologised to Black Coffee but he denied defaming Black Coffee saying the DJ’s skeletons will soon come out of the closet.

Nota has since applied for a restraining order against Black Coffee and the cops who arrested him.