The Mail and Guardian has this morning published graphic details of South Africa ‘s extradition request to Malawi.

The newspaper says 8 charges of rape have been added to the court documents which are before Lilongwe Magistrate Patrick Chirwa.

Among the rape victims are two sisters who were virgins, a woman that Bushiri promised to marry and one whom Bushiri started a construction company for.

Another woman alleged that Bushiri spiked her drink and raped her while she lay helplessly on a hotel bed.


The rapes occurred at Bushiri’s hotel rooms that he booked all year round at the Sheraton hotel in Pretoria and Southern Sun in Arcadia.

The newspaper named a man called Aubrey as Bushiri ‘s fixer, who arranged and picked up the young women, some as young as 16.

The Hawks in South Africa allege in extradition papers that Bushiri would first send his spiritual sons to befriend the women. He would then use the information that they obtained to appear as if he had visions about the women, which made them believe he was a true prophet.

In all cases, Bushiri paid the women large sums of money. Some of the women eventually had consensual sex with Bushiri in exchange for sums of money as much as R20 000.

In one case, the newspaper alleges that Bushiri paid a huge sum of money (lobola) to the parents of a woman that he raped between 2015 and 2016.

Please read the full story in today’s Mail and Guardian Newspaper – 19 March 2021.