Noxolo Maqashalala passed away at the age of 44, she was found dead at her Honeydew house in Johannesburg on Friday.

The family spokesperson Pastor Nyikiza says her brother Wandile had tried to reach out to his sister for something and when he could not reach her, he asked his girl friend to go there.

The girlfriend was turned away by the security because they could not reach Noxolo on the phone in order to get an exit code.

They said at that point no one imagined that she had passed away. The family said it was not surprising when they could not reach her.


This is so because of her work and they would often not contact each other when she is busy shooting something.

Her body was found lying next to her bed and as far as they know she was not sick at all. They added that she did not have a car so it was difficult to tell if she is home or not.

Security guards follow rules and regulations and they are forced to prohibit any unauthorised entry at buildings or complexes .