Nasty C has revealed why he hasn’t emigrated to the United States yet.

The rapper has planned to move since last year, but recently revealed that it’s not the time.

The star claimed that COVID-19 was the main reason he pushed the date he wanted to leave SA.

“I will move to the United States as soon as possible. For now, that’s not a good idea. Americans think South Africans have worse Covid-19 variants than others. So it doesn’t seem to be allowed to go there.


“If I go into quarantine in another country, I’m far off my schedule now.”

Adding, he said for the time being, he would continue to make more music and projects until the right time to relocate.

“I also have a lot of collaborations with American artists for when I land on that side. The song is already in motion.”

He also said that he collaborated with five artists and fans liked each song.