Fans are convinced that Dj Fresh and DJ Euphonik are doing their best to make sure that Ms Madikizela’s case is dismissed and never stand a chance.

Euphonik practically came out with fake screenshots claiming it to be the message from his accuser Ms Madikizela.

Such was denied by the accuser and Tweeps held her hands as they declared the screenshots fake and photoshoped.

This is believed to be the DJs 5th attempt to bring down the case.


According to the Euphonik opera mini page, there is a 41 year old who can not be named for legal reasons, who said he had s_ex with a woman in a car in March 2011 after meeting her at house 22 in Pretoria.

“On that specific day March 2011, I can’t remember the day we were drinking at the pub, later we went to my vehicle, we had s_ex with her consent”,the affidavit read.

He added that it only happened once and after the s_ex they went back to the pub. He also mentioned that she was not a virgin because she was experienced.