Lennox Bacela’s baby mama took to Twitter to vent about his unavailability for his child.

The soccer player who used to play for Orlando Pirates did not respond to the mother of his child’s rants on Twitter.

It appears Lennox Bacela had an affair with a lady whose handle is @_Nomusa.
Nomusa fell pregnant in the course of the affair and when she told him, he left her.


She tried to keep him updated on the scans and the progress of the pregnancy and he still showed no interest in his son.

She says she has tried repeatedly to get him to come see his son even offering to cater for his costs but the soccer playing has not been forthcoming.

Nomusa made it clear that she is not interested in his money and will continue to support her son as she has been, all she asks is for him to get to know their child.

Nomusa shared a screenshot of a message she sent to the skipper asking Lennox Bacela to come see his child to no avail.