Reagan Booysen, who is the ANC Youth League Secretary in Free State has landed himself in hot water for insulting an RDP recipient.

He told the recipient that his home was the size of the bar in his own house. This was viewed as an insult to the country’s poor majority.

In addition to that Booysen sent the poor RDP owner a video flaunting his cars and house. Booysen has since been forced to apologise for his insensitive remarks.

Sello Theepe who received the comments on WhatsApp later posted the messages on Facebook. Booysen was slammed for his arrogance and for looking down on the poor.

Provincial Secretary Mamiki Setabela was disappointed by Booysen’s remarks. He also revealed that Booysen built some of the RDP houses when he was a contractor.

Following criticism Booysen, apologised on Facebook saying his remarks were taken out of context.

He added that he never meant to undermine RDP houses which is a product of the democratic government.