Alcohol manufacturig company, SAB, has came under fire from South Africans after it emerged that social media posts by selected influencers were paid for by the company.

A detailed written brief to the influencers was leaked this weekend and was almost word by word similar to a video posted by socialite, Khanyi Mbau.

In the video, Mbau claimed that the alcohol industry has lost over 1000% of their profits during the last three alcohol Bans.

South Africans slammed SAB for not coming out clearly to say that they were behind the campaign.

Most felt that the company wanted to trick South Africans into supporting the alcohol ban by using popular figures in their campaign.

Medical professionals are happy with the alcohol ban, while entertainers feel the ban is hurting their ability to make money.

However, SAB, in a statement issued on Sunday , said both the views on the alcohol ban needed to be heard.