South Africans have now turned natural remedies to prevent Coronavirus infections.

One of the most popular home remedies in Gauteng is Galela oil.

You can visit the Galela Website by clicking here 

SABC talked to the man who created Galela oil, Thami Mtshali.

Thami Mtshali is a qualified chemist who previously worked and lived in the USA.

Mtshali said he developed this remedy before the Coronavirus started. He said after the first wave in January , he suddenly saw a big increase in orders from the Jewish population that came from New York community that was living in Linkedfield.

He said the community was not giving him any feedback as to why they were buying so much of his product. Galela was originally developed for ulcers.

Mtshali said he then realized that the Jewish community was using the galela oil for coronavirus.

Mtshali said he previously worked for NASA, the US Department of Energy and Goodyear.

Mtshali said one of his inventions when he  worked on George Bush Senior’s tyres so that when shot, they would automatically re-inflate.

The Galela remedy costs R1000 for a bottle and can also be bough online. .

You can visit the Galela oil website by clicking here.