Khulubuse Zuma, a nephew of former South african President, Jacob Zuma, is making millions from sales of a concortion called Galela Oil.

You Can see the Galela website here 

According to their website, Galela oil is prices from R1000 to R15 000 a bottle.


The website describes Galela oil as:

A mixture with more than 120 health benefits. The ever evolving, state of an art extraction process, ingredients’ biochemical qualities and their synchronized interaction ensure its amazing balancing effect on all body systems. It can be used internally and externally. This oil does not cause a “high” or put a person in an altered state. It can be taken safely by everybody, including children and babies. However, it is highly recommended to see a health practitioner for an individual assessment and recommendation before using it.

Khulubuse told the Sunday World Newspaper that he used the mixture when he had Coronavirus symptoms and his symptoms disappeared overnight.

He them became a distributor.

He says he has sold over 10 000 bottles of Galela all over South Africa.

The creator of Galela, Thami Mtshali, said they currently operate a 24 hour call center and have an online booking system.

He said they have sold over 25 000 bottles of the mixture countrywide with the help of Zuma.

The company claims on their website that:

Galela Oil is your trusted source in boosting your natural immune system against local and foreign viruses and disease. Galela wakes up your immune soldiers to defend your body and fight against autoimmune attacks such as Cancer, HIV, The Corona Virus, Diabetes, Asthma, Athritis and more. It improves the immune system to get your body in shape for optimal performance.

Please Click here to visit Galela ‘s website.