American rapper Will.I.Am has been accused of stealing a song from South African producer Dj Lag.

This came after he released a track titled Culture featuring A$AP and Megan Ryte.

Listening on Dj Lag’s track that was first released a long time ago there is no doubt that the American rapper indeed stole the song.

Will.I.Am himself came out to issue an apology regarding his song Culture and Drop Ice by DJ Lag.

Will.I.Am apologised to Megan telling people not to attack Megan. He said he got the credit information wrong and when he realised that he has made a mistake he tried to fix it but it was already too late.

The apology did not come right to many people including Dj Lag who came out to say the apology is not directed to him. Many feel like the apology was directed to Megan.