Blaq Diamond is one of the most popular music groups in South Africa. The group is made up of Sphelele Dunywa (26) and Ndumiso Mdletshe (26).

Ndumiso Mdletshe (Left) and Sphelele Dunywa (Right) 

Blaq Diamond told the Sowetan that they met in Ladysmith in 2010 during a school trip.

The two teamed up to form Blaq Diamond after a class where they were told that Black Diamonds are valuable.

Time Line

2010 – Blaq Diamond Starts off singing rap music.

2012. Blaq Diamond drops rap music and switches to Mbube

2014. Blaq Diamond move to Johannesburg.

2017. Sjave discovers Blaq Diamond and they release their first album, Inqola.

2020. Blaq Diamond release their album Umuthi.

This week Blaq Diamond have released their new video Summer YoMuthi.


Isoka on the album Inqola – 2017

Ibhanoyi on the album Umiluthi – 2020


Sama record of the year 2020 – Ibhanoyi