Musa Mseleku’s first wife MaCele hosted her daughter Abongwe’s coming-of-age ceremony called Umhlonyane.

For weeks, Macele has been planning this for her daughter because it’s an important part of their tradition.

She told Abongwe that there’s no way she’d have a sweet-16 birthday party without performing the Umhlonyane ceremony.

The teenager had no choice in the matter.


However, Musa said the traditional ceremony has to be done, it’s not the daughter’s decision to make because it’s up to them as the parents and their ancestors.

He added that the ceremony is about slaughtering a goat and there’s traditional dancing.

Abongwe will wear a beaded white skirt that’s only worn by virgins, walk bare breasted and also check her virginity.

Musa also noted that the traditional ceremony is enough and didn’t agree with preparing sweet-sixteen celebration.