Musa Mseleku’s first wife MaCele (Makhulu) recently sat down with Mseleku to discuss problems that are currently facing their polygamous marriage.

Mamkhulu poured out all her grievances to her husband who promised to treat her better as the first wife. They also ended up talking about Mseleku’s wish to marry a fifth wife.

Musa had previously demanded his sons to be polygamists so that they can have many children and cover up for MaKhumalo who is failing to concieve.

Mseleku mentioned that he wanted to marry a lady from the Khumalo family to give birth for MaKhumalo since the child she is staying with at the moment is going to University next year.

He added that even if she is not related to MaKhumalo, she has to be from a Khumalo family. MaCele was left in shock because it seems that even if MaKhumalo gives birth, Mseleku still wants a fifth wife.