Musician and Television personality Unathi Nkayi recently lost her Aunt whom she considered to be like a mother to her.

I’m an Instagram post she revealed that she went to her home in Grahamstown for the first time this year because of the lockdown to mourn her Aunt.

In the Instagram post she wrote the following:

“I’ve come home for the first time this year. It’s also the first time I’ve left GP since lockdown. Even if it is for death it is so healing. Today we laid my aunt Daki to rest. A queen who was named Grahamstown Citizen of The Year in 2001.


She would be my greatest cheerleader throughout my life celebrating all my achievements. We would walk from the township, my home eTantyi, over intab’ezono, through Lokhi into town during the Grahamastown Arts’ Festival because she wanted me to experience the magic of the arts. We didn’t have transport money because she would save money for the shows.

She loved us HARD….a graduate herself, born to the first black Head Mistress in Grahamstown, our gran uNcinci.

Being surrounded by family and friends I’ve known since childhood is priceless. Smells that I’ve missed and landmarks that have stamped successes in my life.

The skirt I’m wearing belonged to my mother. She bought it before I was born and passed it onto me after years of NAGGING her. I wore it today because my aunt whom we laid to rest owned the same one bought over 41 years ago”