Sunday times reports that SA millionaire, Brian Myerson, is refusing to vacate a R35 Million penthouse apartment that he rented from Llod Pengilly, whose companies are being liquidated.

Myerson is also reportedly refusing liquidators access to the property and is offering to buy the property.

Myerson told the liquidators that he received a property valuation of R23 Million for the property. However, similar properties in the area are on sale for between R30 Million and R55 Million.

Myseron told the liquidators that he made significant renovations to the property, which he said was in a defective condition when he moved in and wants his money back.


The property, which is located at the eventide apartments, was bought in 2007 for R34 Million and its latest municipal valuation is R46 Million. It has a 250m2 outside deck and a swimming pool.

Myerson was in the news in 2019 after his divorce from ex-wife, Ingrid, after he fathered a child with a woman who lived down the road from his home.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday Times Newspaper – 6 September 2020