Comedian and television presenter Tol A$$ Mo is fighting day and night to prove his innocence and clear his name. This after model Lerato Moloi accused him of s_exual harassment.

Lerato has refused to take down a tweet she posted about the alleged s_exual harassment she suffered at the hands of the comedian.

Tol A$$ Mo is married to Mome Mahlangu who has since vowed to stand by her husband’s side through this ordeal.

Mome took to Instagram to let everyone know where her loyalties are. She warned people not to mess with her family.


Part of her long Instagram post reads, “My family is born to entertain and we are not going anywhere because of unstable people. It will be by our choice! My husband retired a year ago by his choice.”

She added, “Please kindly refrain from asking about the issue, truth will prevail, thank you to everyone for their support, it’s a season of craziness.”

The full text from her long message is on the picture below.