Johannesburg is known for its rich residential suburbs like Sandton and Sandhurst. This is an $800 000 mega mansion located in the city’s suburb of Morning Side.

The land size of the property is 1 acre. The house has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a standard long tennis court and an indoor gym.

There is also an outside trampoline, a mini hockey court and an infinity pool. The house has a drive way with olive trees along it’s sides.

The house has a soundproof home office. There is a fire place in the living room adjoining the living room is a vintage inspired eight seater dining room.

The private sitting room has a book shelf that doubles as a library. There is a large kitchen that leads out to the beautiful water fountain.

The property has an open garden area with a lot of trees and a patio that overlooks the infinity pool. The house has a large balcony that is accessible from almost all the rooms on the top floor.