Sunday Sun reports that the romance between gay couple: Moshe Ndiki and his husband, Phelo Bala is over.

This after Moshe beat up Phelo with a candlestick in May, who had to be stitched up in hospital.

After the incident, Phelo obtained an interim protection order against Moshe.


Moshe then also obtained an interim protection order against Phelo claiming that he had also been beaten on various occasions.

The two lovers appeared in court this week to make their interim orders final.

Moshe wrote in his court papers that Phelo was jealous and would beat up anyone that he suspected of having an interest him.

In one incident, Moshe said Phelo was almost shot after confronting a man who had asked to take a photo with Moshe.

Moshe said Phelo is an alcoholic and a loose canon, having threatened to beat up his own mother and also after Phelo pulled up the handbrake while Moshe was driving.

On the other hand, Phelo accused Moshe of beating him up again on 9 June.

Please read the full drama in today’s Sunday Sun (5 July 2020)