Actress Thembi Seete is one of the leading female actresses in the South African entertainment industry. She drives a massive Range Rover SUV which she bought in 2018.

The actress has been in the industry for a long time now. From acting Rhythm City now she has joined the new hit telenovela Gomora.

Influencer Faith Nketsi is also one of the female celebrities in South Africa who own a Range Rover. It is still unknown how she raised so much money to buy a Jeep and a Range Rover in a short space of time.

Media personality and rapper Boity Thulo made it in the top three list. She bought a luxurious Range Rover V8 not so long ago. Boity also bought a million Rand house for herself and a car for her mother.

These massive luxurious cars are estimated to cost way above 1 million rands.