Ifani is not shying away from the truth that seems to haunt him. He recently revealed in an interview that his decision to quit rap had negative effects on him and those around him.

The money and fame were short lived advantages for Ifani as he lost it all by quitting music five years ago. The rapper stopped making music and now he regrets his decision.

He said,” I have disappointed a lot of people, my entire family is disappointed at me, I have disappointed my fans, I have disappointed my baby mamas. I have two now and they don’t want to see me”.

He continued, “the main thing they ask is why are you sitting at home. Why ain’t you working”. Ifani said he was sorry for that disappointment as his career was supposed to blossom and take Xhosa to overseas.

Ifani revealed how two singles he released while trying to revive his career flopped and that was assurance that it was definitely time to quit.

He concluded by saying he currently doesn’t have have his own place to stay. He stays with his sister at the moment.