Songstress Alicia Keys chats with Trevor Noah about using her voice to fight racism and police brutality. This comes after the death of an African American George Floyd at the hands of the police.

Alicia Keys is well known for writing songs about love heartbreaks but this time around she wrote a different kind of a song. The new song speaks about the heartbreak of seeing Black people dying for the crime of being Black.

The new song is titled “Perfect Way To Die”. Alicia Keys described racism as a deep rooted pandemic in America.

She condemned the brutal killing of Black people who are murdered by police for on a daily basis. The singer said the new song is all about making change in America.

The song will feature other artists including Cardi B. Alicia Keys said she was heartbroken by the killing of Black people. She mentioned Brianna Taylor a young lady who was shot because police knocked at the wrong door.

She added that it was outrageous that no one was charged of fired or arrested for the murder of Brianna and many other Black people. She concluded by saying all those police who killed American citizens must be charged.