Khanyi Mbau is a South African actress, television and radio personality. She chats with MacG about her depression, slay Queens, Mandla Mthembu and her love for money.

Khanyi Mbau calls herself the Queen of Slay Queens. She confirmed that she dated older men because she loved money and she still does. She started dating older guys whilst she was in High school.

She revealed that the first sugar daddy she dated was former millionaire Mandla Mthembu. Khanyi has faced a lot of backlash for dating older men and for being a bad influence on young girls. She is also accused of finishing Mandla’s money.

The actress revealed that she and her siblings grew up with strict parents especially their father. These daddy issues left Khanyi and her brother Lasizwe with some kind of depression.

Khanyi was blown away by everything that Mandla possessed. Back in 2004 whilst she was an actress on Muvhango she met Mandla who had a lot of money to spend. As a slay Queen Khanyi Mbau could not let the opportunity to glow pass through her fingers.

She revealed that Mandla would take her shopping where she could buy countless shoes and clothes. Mandla bought her a new Porsche and he owned a penthouse in Melrose. She confessed to have seen penthouses on MTV cribs before seeing Mandla’s.