Reality television star Thatho ‘TT’ Mbha is not afraid to spend his money on big gifts for members of his family.

He recently bought his daughter Tumi a one bedroom apartment as a gift for her 5th birthday.

The ‘Living the Dream With Somizi’ star is best known as Somizi’s best friend on the show. He is also the founder and CEO of Black Real Estate.

TT Mbha shared the touching moment with a video on his Instagram. He captioned it, “I bought you something very nice. So you now own an apartment. But I’m going to get you a tenant that’s gonna stay there and they pay you rent.”

He continued,” In 16 years, you can go move in there because I want you out of here. Girls with little deeds.”

TT Mbha also said that he bought his older daughter TJ an apartment when she turned five.