Bonang Matheba aka Queen B has found herself in Nandi Madida’s shoes after a video she posted a long time ago resurfaced.

Queen B is 33 years old and is very successful. She is a good host and radio personality. She has hosted Miss South Africa. Bonang has her own wine brand called the House of B and G and her own reality show called Being Bonang.

In an old video that has been uploaded on social media she says, “If you don’t know and I can tell you right now if you are 18 right now or 19 and you do not know what you are going to be or what you want to achieve at 24 years, it’s already too late, I am not lying to you”.

This message reminded tweeps what Nandi Madida said about utilising your early 20s, otherwise you will have nothing to show in your thirties.

Most tweeps felt this was coming from a place of privilege and those two have never struggled in their lives.

One tweep addressed both of them and said, it was okay to keep quiet at times, as not everyone is born privileged and people achieve their desires at their own pace.