Celebrity polygamist Musa Mseleku said his dream was to make money at a younger age but he did not know how to do it.

He said when he was at University, he started engaging with Durban Youth Radio and was lucky to be accruted by one of the journalists at Ukhozi FM. From there, he started meeting up with a lot of successful people.

Mseleku added that through his connections, he got employed at a local government sphere where he earned a good salary. He managed to buy himself a car even though he misused some of his funds.

Mseleku revealed that one of his colleagues taught him to save every cent he earned after noticing the way he was misusing funds.

Mseleku said after saving, he managed to open a shop, but the mistake he made was involving family members to manage it. The business collapsed within a short period of time due to mismanagement.

However, he ventured into another business of selling food within taxi ranks and vowed that he will save every cent from the profit that he made. Mseleku later realised that, he had managed to earn a million rand through his new business.

He advised people to realise that, within the palm of their hands, there is so much to do other than waiting to be employed by big companies or organisations.