Mfundi Vundla is a South African television/film Director and Producer. He was born in a family of eleven siblings and their family was less privileged. Growing up his dream was to be a lawyer.

After his Matric certificate he went to Fort Hare University where he joined a group of underground activists who were protesting against Apartheid in South Africa.

He was expelled during his second year thus he thought of getting a scholarship to study in the USA. While studying in Massachusetts he worked as a waiter and a bartender. He also worked in a factory and on a strawberry farm.

Whilst in the USA he was exposed to soapies but he never watched them. His dream was to do thriller films, however back then it was too expensive. He was advised to do a soapie which resulted in him creating Generations in 1993.

With Generations he wanted to portray Africans as sophisticated, beautiful and talented beings not people who only believed in solving their challenges using witchcraft.

Generations inspired a lot of black South Africans to want to be middle class after Apartheid. He revealed that he was saddened by the departure of 16 long time serving cast members of Generations in 2014.