South African social media influencer Mihlali Ndamase speaks on why she used to be so skinny and why people think she did plastic surgery while enjoying a bucket full of sea food.

Mihlali revealed how she used to be so skinny in high school and how she has gained so much weight. She said many people think she did surgery or implants.

She denied having any surgery or doing any body implants. Mihlali Ndamase said she used to be so skinny because she used to work out and she was cautious with her diet.

She advised women to never look down on themselves but rather be content with their bodies. Mihlali said one must not worry about gaining weight or physical appearance but should rather stay healthy by loving and embracing their body.

Mihlali also spoke about the importance of loving, supporting and uplifting one another as women. She urged women not to fight over a man like what some celebrities are doing.

The social media influencer dismissed the notion that girls with light skin are beautiful than girls with dark skin, adding that no skin colour was superior to another.