Jacob Zuma and Duduzane Zuma chat about the liberation struggle and the treatment the liberation heroes were subjected to during Apartheid in South Africa. Jacob Zuma spent a lot of time in several prisons across South Africa.

Jacob Zuma was sentenced to ten years in prison by the Apartheid regime. He spent time in Pretoria Central prison before spending over ten years imprisonment at Robben Island in Capetown.

Nelson Mandela also spent a lot of years at Robben Island with other heroes like Walter Sisulu while others like Oliver Tambo were in exile.

Zuma said back then it was justified to spend time in prison because he was fighting for the liberation of South Africa. They were branded as terrorists and punished for not speaking Afrikaans.

In the past few years Jacob Zuma has been accused of many wrong doings including corruption. He however feels the justice system that he faced in Apartheid is still the same that he is facing in the liberated South Africa.

He added that it was so sad that he has been called names unjustly in free South Africa the same way he was being called names during Apartheid. He also feels that the courts and the media are not fair when it comes to him.

The former president said he was ready to go to court. He also spoke about the Inkandla investigations where they found him innocent. Zuma said he finds himself being dragged by the Black South African government just like how he was dragged during the white rule.