Outspoken South African Musical Artist, Ntsiki Mazwi has decided to weigh in and explain the situation at South African Airways. The airline had survived on government bailouts for so long however just recently the government refused to bailout the airline.

South African Airways is grounded and is being sold. Ntsiki Mazwi said the reason was that white people were sabotaging the national airline. She said South African Airways was owned by white businesses.

Ntsiki said airport staff, ICASA and service providers for planes and the airport were all white people. Dudu Myeni who is the former Chairperson of South African Airways became a problem because she wanted to end some of the ever green contracts that the white people had.

She added that Dudu Myeni was trying to bring black businesses into South African Airways. White businesses were not happy thus they sabotaged South African Airways. Ntsiki revealed that black people do not own the economy, white people do.

Ntsiki also said Dudu Myeni was being punished in courts for trying to get black people to own the national airline. She also said the same was happening with the national power utility Eskom.