Duduzane Zuma discusses with Jacob Zuma how everyone including some ANC members were blaming him for destroying state parastatals and the South African economy while leaders of the failed parastatals were not being questioned.

Jacob Zuma was blamed for taking solo decisions that brought South Africa’s economy to it’s knees during his 9 years as President. Zuma revealed that after the 2017 conference, the culture of ANC changed. Zuma was being accused of wasting nine years of South Africa’s Economy.

Even people within ANC blamed Zuma of failing the economy, leading to privatisation and closure of once vibrant state parastatals. He claimed that many challenges were even created for him so that he would face financial difficulties.

Duduzane Zuma also spoke about how the Zumas are accused of having billions of dollars. However Jacob Zuma revealed that he does not possess any billions of dollars but there are people who worked out such situations in order to drown him.

He went further to explain that even courts were unfair when dealing with allegations levelled against him. He added that since Nasrec people have been plotting against him. Zuma claimed to have introduced a new department of Rural development to improve rural lives.

In addition to that he claimed that he introduced the basic education department to improve the literacy of South African youths. Zuma pointed out that ANC members were dishonest as they never talk about all these developments he brought but dwell on allegations that he is corrupt.

In his nine years as President, Zuma said he created great relations with the BRICS countries. He also added that he could have done even more better had they not created difficulties to stop him from performing his duties