Duduzane Zuma and his father former President Jacob Zuma Shocked many after a YouTube video of them surfaced where they claim thet deputy President David Mabuza is a traitor and can not be trusted.

Father and son discuss about Jacob Zuma’s alleged poisoning, the alleged poisoning of David Mabuza and the death of Duduzane’s mother. In the video Duduzane reveals how he saved Mabuza’s life who was the premier of Mpumalanga, after he was poisoned.

Duduzane shares his heroic actions on how he assisted the deputy President to get early medical treatment in Russia after the poisoning.

He added that he risked it all and flew Mabuza who was in a critical condition to Moscow to be treated. Jacob Zuma and Duduzane also talk about how Mabuza is ignoring them now even after Duduzane saved his life.

The two have been painting Mabuza as a traitor since back then when Mabuza decided to vote for Cyril Ramaphosa instead of Zuma. The duo claim that Mabuza betrays friends thus he is not a trustworthy person.

The former president, Jacob Zuma also talks about how he was poisoned not just once but several times. By then it was claimed that MaNtuli, who is Jacob Zuma’s wife had poisoned him, which seemed to have been a fabricated story.

The purpose of the video is not known but it may be to portray how Duduzane is a hero and how Jacob Zuma is a victim of several assassination attempts on his life. This being done to to draw sympathy for themselves.