Generations the Legacy actor Vuyo Dabula who plays the character of Gadaffi on the show, shocked many when he announced that he was exiting the soapie.

Dabula took some time to explain why he was leaving. He said he felt like he had reached his limit with the Generations production.

“I feel like I have learnt as much as I can on that level of performance. It’s time for me to go outside and try new things,” he added.

In addition to that, Vuyo explained that since he was one of the leading characters on the show, he spent most of his working hours in the studio. Being on a soapie means everything happens very fast and there is a big focus on quantity than quality.

There is no time to sit down a rethink or reset a theme. Vuyo said for him acting was about plotting, thinking and reworking scenes, something that is not found on a soapie.

Vuyo also said he was not afraid of taking risks thus why he was leaving Generations the Legacy. However he added that this was not the end of him being on the screens because he loves acting.