Former South African President Jacob Zuma has an estimated wealth of over 20 million dollars. His salary was 272 thousand dollars a year during his presidency. The highest in Africa.

He has been labelled as corrupt for his lavish lifestyle. Zuma owns a luxurious mansion in Dubai UAE. The house is a ten bedroomed house with 13 bathrooms, 9 reception rooms, a gym and space to park eleven cars.

Zuma also owns a massive property in Inkandla in KwaZulu-Natal. The estate was renovated for 23 million dollars. It has a helipad, swimming pool, soccer pitch, reception rooms and a cattle enclosure.

The former president also has a property at United Arab Emirates’ tallest skyscraper the Burj khalifa in Dubai. He owns several bedrooms with large living rooms, gyms, steam rooms and outdoor pools.

Zuma family owns the Sandton based multi national group of companies which focuses on investment and operations. His five children sit on its board and executive. The company has interests in mining, oil and energy.

The former president of South Africa, Zuma also loves cars. He owns a collection of range rovers. He has four with each costing 60 thousand dollars. He also has two land rover discoveries  thatc 40 thousand dollars each.

Zuma also owns two Audi Q7s that cost 40 thousand dollars each. He also has three Audi A5s that costs 50 thousand dollars each.