Zodwa Wabantu is not coping after robbers broke into her house. Fortunately for her she was not around when the incident happened.

Most of her valuables were taken including six perfume boxes worth 10 thousand Rands each. In a video posted on her social media she told her fans that she was not going to pretend that everything was okay. She said such things happen to everyone.

Zodwa appeared emotional and was in tears. Thugs took her valuables which she treasured. She told her fans to appreciate life and to have a spirit to start over and work hard.

She revealed that she was hurting but that was not going to last as she was going to be okay the next morning. She even opened Hunters Extreme to ease her emotional pain.

Meanwhile she thanked God for taking her out of the house, as she said the thugs could have raped her or even killed her if she was around .