DJ Black Coffee still feels the pain of losing his marriage after divorce. He is however so fortunate that he is spending lockdown with his family. He had a lot of plans for 2020 but the unplanned break has given him much time to heal after his messy divorce.

DJ Black Coffee was involved in a messy divorce with actress Enhle Mbali. The lockdown has given him time to reflect on his past and for him this is the best time to spend with his family.

In an Instagram live he said, “last year I was going through a divorce and I had to wake up and travel without dealing with the issues at hand.”

The DJ did not get time to work on himself or family after the divorce which he said was part of a huge loss in his life.

DJ Black Coffee has always seen himself as a winner and thus he felt like getting a divorce meant that he had failed in life.

He is currently in quarantine with his son and this has given them time to bond. The two are washing dishes, feeding dogs, washing cars and doing many other house chores together.