Priddy Ugly and Bontle are married and they have a beautiful baby girl together. The couple tried to answer ten random questions asked by their followers.

The couple agreed that they would prefer to have the internet than deodorant because with the internet they can do a lot of things and they were many other ways of smelling good without deodorant.

They both chose to be funny than attractive because they say if you are fun already you will attract people. The couple said they would rather have to lie than not being able to speak.

They both agreed to rather not have their dreams fulfilled but would rather have dreams of their significant other come true.

They both said they would rather speak well and be kind to others than to love themselves before putting others first. They also said they would rather have a lot of s*x than have unlimited food on particular given day.

They said people misunderstood Priddy Ugly because they think he is arrogant yet it’s not the truth. They also added that they would rather be heroes than villains. They always try their best to be good and kind to everyone.

They said they think people should learn each other first, travel, enjoy and love each other a lot before rushing into having children because children are time consuming.

Lastly they both confessed that cheating was not the deal breaker. They would never cheat on one another even if given an opportunity because their love for one another is unbreakable.