Owamie Hlongwane had a controlling boy friend while at University. Her boyfriend Tee never trusted her as he thought she would start dating doctors at the university.

He would demand Owamie’s timetable so that he will manage and control her to see if she is not cheating. He was never confident of himself thus he became controlling and abusive.

At one moment after a long night watching movies with friends Owamie passed out and when she woke up her phone had 80 missed calls and Tee was very angry thus he started calling Owamie with all names of insults.

Owamie decided to dump him because she was fed up of all the insults. She also realised that she was in a toxic relationship. Her boyfriend Tee refused to accept that the relationship was over.

After eight months of not talking he drove to Venda to meet Owamie who only agreed after his persuasion. He drove her to a jungle where there was a lot of water and water falls.

He acted calm and nicely and thus Owamie assumed that maybe he had moved on as well . He suggested that they sit on top of the falls facing the plunge pool.

He held her close to the plunge pool and Owamie could feel that he wanted to push her into the pool. She managed to sweet talk him out of it and they went back to his car.

While at the car he confessed that he had brought her to the falls with intentions of killing her. He told her that he wanted to drown her into the pool.