Ayanda Thabethe and her sister Lungile Thabethe are very close and they pretty much spend almost everyday together.

Ayanda Thabethe is a South African actress, television presenter, entrepreneur and model. She is popular for hosting Top Billing on BET. She has four other sisters.

One of her sisters is an engineer while another is a qualified environmental health specialist. Her younger sister Lungile is a graduate in politics.

On a random day Ayanda Thabethe and Lungi go out to have a lunch date just the two of them as sisters. They visited a food farm market just to enjoy the food and the vibes found at such a place.

The sisters eat together and enjoy each other’s company. They even make some pact that they will love each other forever. They go on to order a range of different food just to make their lunch special.

The beautiful sisters take some time to take pictures of themselves to show how beautiful the place looks. After lunch they drive home, while on their way they sing and dance to the melodies of music playing on their car.