Dr Rebecca Malope has been in the entertainment industry for more than thirty years making her one of the longest serving members in the industry.

Her contribution to the music industry has earned her two Lifetime Achievement Awards. She joined Afternoon Express to discuss about her 36th Studio Album.

Malope said she was grateful to God for receiving the Lifetime Awards whilst she was still alive. She added that she is not educated but God has made her a Dr. Malope without any education.

Dr. Malope said she wants her music to give out that perfect message of hope that takes listeners to a peaceful journey, something that make people believe that there is a God.

She added that singing was part of her escape and thus it led her to stay long in the music industry. She is now releasing her 36th album called, ‘Lord You Are Good’.

Dr Malope said that she has been working on the album for two years in her own recording studio and producing it herself was not easy. At the age of 51 she wants to focus on new ventures.